How to write your first LinkedIn profile

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile in today’s business world, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Your LinkedIn profile can be used to, as LinkedIn themselves explain: “express your personal brand in 2,000 characters and glorious 3D, creating a dazzling picture of who you are and what makes you great”.… Read this article

Three tips for writing your speculative job application

A speculative job application is where a person looking for a job sends an application to a company without a job actually being advertised. It can be a highly effective way of getting jobs, internships and work experience placements that either haven’t been advertised yet, or won’t ever be advertised.… Read this article

How to spot an email phishing scam

How to spot an email phishing scam  Phishing is an online attack with the goal of tricking people into giving up their personal information via deceptive emails and websites. Find out the most common ways in which hackers try to do this.… Read this article